2012 Euro Cup finals: Italy vs. Spain; Las Vegas odds, choose

The 2012 Euro Cup final takes place tomorrow afternoon which is guaranteed to be considered a great one for soccer fans to observe. Italy represents Spain in the set of two teams which are so evenly matched that even odds makers in Las Vegas are calling it that way!
Pick the winner is actually how Vegas has posted the odds with this championship game.
Spain is technically a slight favorite to win as they are listed at -125. What which means is when you bet Spain to win, you must lay $125 to win $100, in comparison to the normal even money wager which is -110.
Both of such teams are playing beyond Group C, where Spain finished first, followed by Italy. website This game is really too near to call. It's really difficult to pick against either team, but pick we have to.
So far I have picked 4 away from 5 games correct within the Euro Cup series overall, and in this game I have to keep with the c's that got me exceptional record!
In an extremely tight game, Italy's Mario Balotelli pops up big along with the Italians appear victorious!
Pick - Italy

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